01057 Spanish Lesson – El tiempo y el clima (weather)

Hola mis cíber-alumnos. If you’ve wanted to talk about the weather in Spanish to have those slightly awkward conversations with people, this is the video for you!

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*Did anyone else notice how I slowly got brighter by the end of the video?

Duration : 0:6:25

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25 Responses to 01057 Spanish Lesson – El tiempo y el clima (weather)

  1. alexadikal says:

    Hello, have you …
    Hello, have you tried “SpaniMaster” (just google it)? There you can watch a nice free presentation explaining a fun plus successful technique to learn Spanish quickly. It made it easier for Jon to read, speak and understand the Spanish language instantly. Hopefully it will help you as well…

  2. AlexGuitar1987 says:

    Yeah well. A …
    Yeah well. A native speaker is always better.

  3. MrSpgreen1 says:

    en inglatera este …
    en inglatera este verano no esta soleado, cada dia esta nublado y hace viento, mucho viento. Me prefiero estar en mexico cuando siempre esta soleado.

  4. timitim1 says:

    Gracias por su …
    Gracias por su respuesta, señor. nos da lecciones muy bonitas!

  5. MrLinguaman says:

    Muichas gracias!!
    Muichas gracias!!

  6. mackinnon182 says:

    Muy bien. Me gusta …
    Muy bien. Me gusta la presentacion. Gracias

  7. tontitofrito says:

    to my knowledge,

    to my knowledge,
    tener (calor/frío) is referring to a person’s temperature.

    hacer (calor / frío) / estar (caluroso / frío) would be referring to conditions outside of person.

  8. Vanadell191 says:

    In class the …
    In class the teacher tells us to use “Tener” and not “Estar”. For example: Yo tengo calor. Can you use “Tener” as well as “Estar”

  9. AlexGuitar1987 says:

    Gracias por tu …
    Gracias por tu respuesta, señor. Das muy bonitos leciónes a nosotros!

  10. tontitofrito says:

    mal tiempo = bad …
    mal tiempo = bad weather….

    hay (there is) might be something you could use:
    hay rayos – there’s lightning
    hay tornados – there are tornados
    hay niebla – there’s fog
    hay muchas nubes – there are a lot of clouds

  11. AlexGuitar1987 says:

    Very nice lesson! …
    Very nice lesson! I’m curious if there’s a way to be more specific about “mal tiempo” or if it’s just used as a general expression? For example could you say “hace rayos?” or something similar? Thanks!

  12. CHRISIRETON says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the Celsius conversion

  13. 15spain15 says:

    jajajaa una nube
    jajajaa una nube

  14. johnmary1000 says:

    In spain we use …
    In spain we use hace frio, calor, no esta frio, in other contexts : el cafe esta frio is ok

  15. GaaraKakashiSasuke says:

    I would suggest …
    I would suggest having a lesson about maybe sports and free time activities?

    And thank you, you helped me out a on my spanish :) I needed to repeat some stuff, gonna watch more of your videos.

  16. tontitofrito says:

    I’m glad you like …
    I’m glad you like them!

    Most of the people I talk to on a daily basis are from Mexico or have Spanish that has been influenced quite a bit by Mexican Spanish… so I would probably say “estamos a 40 grados”

    Are there any ways you’ve seen to express ‘degrees’ that I haven’t mentioned that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

  17. claykennedy72 says:

    Hola de nuevo. I …
    Hola de nuevo. I always enjoy your videos. I have studied Spanish forever now and have seen several ways to express degrees. How do you prefer to express degrees when discussing the weather? For example, how would you say…It´s 40 degrees today.

  18. TonyLouis9345 says:

    As usual, your …
    As usual, your lessons are very helpful. You look too serious in this one. Trying smiling a bit more!

  19. AndyRiot says:

    Yay, a new video – …
    Yay, a new video – please continue to make more videos, they are very helpful and fun. Could you maybe start recording more advanced lessons? I have a lot of vocabulary now, and i can make simple phrases in the present, preterit, and imperfect – but I still can’t make complex sentences, or embelish my ideas at all. You’re the best!

  20. sarah10011 says:

    wow you are great! …
    wow you are great! i’m so impressed. I’m going to tell all my friends about your channel!.

  21. andrewglaros3 says:

    the quizzes really …
    the quizzes really help. but more and harder quizzes would be beuno

  22. tontitofrito says:

    Somehow, I figured …
    Somehow, I figured that would be the case. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  23. tontitofrito says:

    No te preocupes. …
    No te preocupes. Tu inglés es bien comprensible. Resulta que sí hay lugares en que dicen eso del clima con ‘hace [tiempo]‘. Pero según lo que me dices, ?no se usa mucho esa construcción en Chile? Mi esposa dice ‘hace aire’ en vez de ‘hace viento’ pero es de un ranchito en México. Cada quien tiene su forma.

  24. alienverde says:

    Tontito frio amigo …
    Tontito frio amigo :) Una correccion, a correction, “hace viento” -> “corre viento” or “hay viento”, same with “hace buen tiempo” is “hay buen tiempo” because “hace” comes from “do” and “hay” would of “be” xD If you don’t understand, send me a message :) , sorry for my english xD

  25. bvried says:

    Un buen leccion! :)
    Un buen leccion! :) 

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