4 Equestrian Art School of Europe 251107

Equestrian show of Royal Andalusia School of Equestrian Art (Andalusian-Spanish Horse), The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (Lusitano), The Cadre Noir de Saumur (French Saddle Horse) and Spanish Riding School of Vienna (Lipizzaner) in Paris, 2007

Duration : 0:7:54

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25 Responses to 4 Equestrian Art School of Europe 251107

  1. QHCWGRL11 says:

    The brown horse …
    The brown horse around :45 is either really fat, or really pregnant…people can’t claim abuse to that one! lol

  2. QHCWGRL11 says:

    Andalusians do that …
    Andalusians do that naturally. Actually, it only appears that way-cuz of the cresty neck. My horse does it. I try not to let him, but he’s part Arab, lol. He is slowly learning not to….

  3. allsmiles3215 says:

    Anyone who thinks …
    Anyone who thinks they drug these horses to get them to do this is an idiot. Could you compete in the olympics on sedatives? Didn’t think so. That’s basically the human equivalent of what you think they do to these horses.

  4. readyroundup says:

    I see many horses …
    I see many horses that are worked in hyperflexion. To my mind an outdated way to train horses!

  5. Lolaholic220 says:

    Ok. Yes, some …
    Ok. Yes, some horses are abused and drugged to get them to do the right things. But not every single horse is okay?!. Stop arguing because it is really obvious when a horse is abused and these horses are NOT abused. The trainers are very well educated about horses and obviously love them!!

  6. sango1161 says:

    Very beautiful …
    Very beautiful horses and their Handlers are handing them with very good Care

  7. schleichgirl10 says:

    NONE OF THESE HORSES ARE ABUSED!!! Stop that people! I live in Portugal and I’ve been in many shows like this and i’ve also been in the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and these horses are NOT abused :x Please stop with those coments

  8. bluewolfspirits says:

    Whoa wait this is …
    Whoa wait this is the wrong vid! Haha, sry :P

  9. bluewolfspirits says:

    I highly doubt …
    I highly doubt you’ll do this, but what if u made one of wolves? I bet that it would be really good :D but probably not as good as this XD

  10. sychristinechow says:

    None of the horses …
    None of the horses are abused. I spent two weeks at the Royal Andalusian school of Equestrian Jerez doing the technical course. They are very well treated. People were kind and professional. Please do not make comments on things you do not understand Horsiebeauty

  11. DJBelbe says:

    These horses seem …
    These horses seem to like or at least be OK with what they are doing. None looks hopeless or fearful. But if they didn’t like the work who cares about how well groomed and housed they are? horses preffer rain and dirty coats to being locked all day. They don’t know what euros or dollars are. What matters is that these horses are trained properly and have an interesning “job”. else all the money in the world wouldn’t matter.

  12. DJBelbe says:

    I would rather a …
    I would rather a horse that does the piaffe and courbette in freedom! That’s why I like stallions so much, they love to show off and perform all these spectacular movements to show just how powerful and agile they are.

  13. DJBelbe says:

    hahaha! used to …
    hahaha! used to hate it too till I tried working on long reins with a long fluffy tailed horse (Lusitano stallions usually have lots of tail and mane). The darned reins kept getting tangled on the tail! LOL! only then did I realize the purpose of the ridiculous braid

  14. DJBelbe says:

    most of these …
    most of these horses retire at age 30 in good health. Classical dressage is just a pretty name for a saddle horse oriented gymnastic program.

  15. DJBelbe says:

    what’s not natural? …
    what’s not natural? I’ve seen the stallions at my yard perform every single one of those movements wile play/fighting each other or when showing off to mares. My own stallion is particularly keen on the piaffe when I tell him he can’t chase the mares that cross us on trails and an older stallion is fond of the courbette and capriole when playing tag with me.

  16. DJBelbe says:

    don’t agree with …
    don’t agree with draw reins either but none of those horses is scared. Such movements get the horse pretty excited, it’s hard enough to get them as quiet and disciplinated as you see! Remmember these are all stallions. I for have have a stallion who gets all pumped up just by doing the spanish walk! If I asked him a capriole he’d explode jumping around like a gazelle, LOL!

  17. DJBelbe says:

    yup, horses on at …
    yup, horses on at least 2 of these schools work soundly untill they are 30! If that’s not a good health program i dunno what is.
    I confess some of them look a tad annoyed at times and a couple appear too submissive for my taste, but none looks fearful of abused.
    I’ve personally seen the Lusitanos being trained at the shade of trees back home and all you could hear were the birds and the hooves. Both horse and handler were as peaceful and quiet as you’ll ever see.

  18. CanteringLullaby says:

    I would love to …
    I would love to work with one of these horses! They are so majestic yet powerful! ♥

  19. JogiBaboo95 says:

    LOL at 6:33, …
    LOL at 6:33, perfect Sync :) 

  20. katnjas says:

    @isaidmootwo No …
    @isaidmootwo No actually, the praise is done after their move is done. as they have 1 shot hten go back to wait till its their turn again. its to show affection to the horse and for the horse its saying “Well done that was good”

  21. katnjas says:

    Well said. Very …
    Well said. Very well said

  22. RileyandSummer1 says:

    I agree!!!
    I agree!!!

  23. simpsondesign says:

    The art of dressage …
    The art of dressage is an art form that requires communication and commitment on the part of the horse as well as the rider. No horse is going to perform in the relaxed manner that you see on this video if they are being abused. Horses understand the touch of the whip telling them to activate certain parts of their body because my arm is just not that long for me to touch their hind leg or quarters to ask them to bring it more under their body to lighten the forehand.

  24. Viiveca95 says:

    dont like that …
    dont like that stuff like 1:26…poor horses =(

  25. Viiveca95 says:

    dont like…poor …
    dont like…poor horses =(

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