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Marketing To Communities Of Color!

Marketing Communications in the U.S. is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition. Effective message delivery to all residents of the United States requires that we examine the unique consumer behaviors of the country’s communities of color. The designation “community of color” … Continue reading

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Cultural History of the Philippines: Hispanic Philippines Than We Admit

An extended meditation on the encounter between the native and the foreign, More Hispanic Than We Admit is a collection of scholarly essays on Philippine culture and history. It recuperates our Spanish past and inspires a continued and lasting engagement … Continue reading

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Spanish Culture …….?

What are some .. Spanish rituals, their holidays and taboos? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!! =) rituals, i dunno let subjagater tell u , he some prietito from honduras be he beleives hes european, ask him.

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Toronto Holiday Property Rentals

Toronto – the largest city in Canada – is brimming with attractions and has so much to offer visitors of all ages. Here you will find a wealth of museums, heritage sites, amusements, parks and gardens, arts and culture, entertainment, … Continue reading

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The Castles of Spain by Federico Moreno Torroba. Stephen Boswell Guitar

With these eight short pieces, Torroba more effectively captures the personality and flavour of the Spanish culture than in any of his other works. Each piece has two titles: one the name of an old Spanish castle and the other, … Continue reading

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Travel To Spain For Language Immersion Programs

Learning to speak Spanish is very beneficial today, particularly if you will be spending time in Spanish speaking countries whether for business or pleasure. One of the most convenient ways is learning Spanish online. There are several method options available, … Continue reading

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“George Lopez” Why You Crying? Part 1/8

George Lopez: Why You Crying? captures a live performance by the stand-up veteran and sitcom star. Much of the material focuses on his family and the foibles of Hispanic culture Disclaimer: I Do Not own this clip! © Showtime (2005) … Continue reading

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Managing in a Multicultural Environment

Effectively managing a multicultural business requires at least a basic knowledge of your employee’s culture and traditions. Familiarity with both is essential because each has a bearing on an employee’s every day behavior. Our cultural identity helps us feel like … Continue reading

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The Different Races Of The Hispanic Group/ The Hispanic DIVERSITY

These are the different races of the Hispanic group. Hispanic is not a race, only culture/ethnicity. This video was designed for education purposes only. Some believe that Hispanic is a race. This video debunks that idea. Comment,Rate,Subscribe, thank you —- … Continue reading

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Guanajuato: The New San Miguel

Since moving to Mexico, I have been struggling with something I never, in my wildest imaginings, thought would be an issue in living in Mexico. No, it was not the language, the culture, the food, the people, or all things … Continue reading

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