Cultural History of the Philippines: Hispanic Philippines Than We Admit

An extended meditation on the encounter between the native and the foreign, More Hispanic Than We Admit is a collection of scholarly essays on Philippine culture and history. It recuperates our Spanish past and inspires a continued and lasting engagement with Hispanic Philippines Studies.

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23 Responses to Cultural History of the Philippines: Hispanic Philippines Than We Admit

  1. aztec714ok says:

    filipinos are the …
    filipinos are the spaniards of asia,that it’s stop saying your mexican you are not

  2. copypacercopypacer says:

    Filipinos aren’t …
    Filipinos aren’t proud of being hispanic. Maybe the rejected filipino americans do, but all americans are like that.

  3. SuperVickie2011 says:

    That is why …
    That is why phillipino low self esteem! Why Indian didnot claim they are white kind or mix Britain even they were under british colony. So as african! Indian are respectful race and deserve it and they are proud of their own culture. Plus east Asia are shameful of being colonized and dont even want to mention the history part. I don’t understand why you guys try to link Spanish to you, did Spain claim anything or you re their own?! Not really .. Be proud of your own race and stop marrying older

  4. SuperVickie2011 says:

    Why phillipino not …
    Why phillipino not proud of being their own race, but proud of being hispanish! There are probably a few mixed but definitely not the whole race.. Why so many American come down phillipine for sex trips even the American government tried to crash down unhuman things, why so young girls marry so old older man for money and visa .., what you allow other civilized countries look at some certain things…

  5. mpa324 says:

    I dont think so, …
    I dont think so,Philippines is the most Americanised in Asia.just listen to the language.sure many Spanish words are in the language.but so is English,it is more dominant than Spanish.and the list of words is growing.Your comment is just pure colonial mentality..Philippines is already foreign,dont be trying pick up other foreign cultures and spreading it.Preserve what is left of our culture.Don’t be trying to imitate others..

  6. Carl Tem says:

    Filipinos aren’t …
    Filipinos aren’t Latinos= American Indian + Spanish, Filipinos are Spanish culture + asian

  7. aristofilos says:

    dont forget what …
    dont forget what the christians do, to the Philippino people !!!!!! Like in America they kill thousand native people until they be a christians ! This is the truth ,but nobady cares ,the philippino people sleeping

  8. taranajunki6771 says:

    such a beautiful …
    such a beautiful enlightment of revised and devised Filipino history and beginnings, don’t know yet , very disappointing and DISGRACEFUL that it cannot sustain itself for glorious PRIDE reason being, present people governing the whole country called PHILIPPINES acting as PIMPS are sending their educated citizens as OFWs, some for demeaning jobs to enrich those in powers and a little portion left for the OFWS too SAD!!! look at the mansions of the rich and people in power.

  9. arabianongpinoy says:

    Gracias mi hermano …
    Gracias mi hermano(a)!!! :) Dios te bendiga!

  10. Musashib00 says:

    Bet you won’t be …
    Bet you won’t be saying that about America when China decides to take your beloved Spratlys away.

  11. kayheartgg says:

    Im filipino and i …
    Im filipino and i would like to say que tengas un buen dia!!!!! =)

  12. edsnantonio says:

    very interesting …
    very interesting reaction. throw in now how Filipino children/generations of mixed parentage from more than 100 countries must feel (like you do)! Thanks to the computer age we don’t need to be confused. Rather the Filipinos are connected and somewhat “confused,” to all points in the globe. Mabuhay

  13. fortawesomm says:

    Pi La Pi Na A Na = …
    Pi La Pi Na A Na = intro alibata

  14. rubien44 says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this one. Great one!

  15. jose rodriguez says:

    u r Latin Asian =P …
    u r Latin Asian =P all Latinos are proud of filipino

  16. jose rodriguez says:

    El primer Latin …
    El primer Latin asian estado Siiii :) ))))))) son los unicos en oriente asiatico todos los latinos nos sentimos orgullosos de Filipina “ Love Para felipina” ;)

  17. OMC1109 says:

    Ah, pues aclara, …
    Ah, pues aclara, que América es un continente, no un país (malamente se refieren a los estadounidenses como americanos y a EUA como América)… :)

  18. zurcsurot says:

    You’re Latin Asian …
    You’re Latin Asian. :)

  19. nelsonvandyk says:

    solo Estados Unidos
    solo Estados Unidos

  20. MACEX1000 says:

    im filipino and im …
    im filipino and im so confused what am i asian hispanis pacific islander AAAAAAAAH!

  21. OMC1109 says:

    ¿Puta América?… …
    ¿Puta América?… ¿te refieres a toda América, que es desde Canadá al norte hasta Argentina al sur?… :s

  22. tubedude101 says:

    The word filipino …
    The word filipino is spanish!!  What this country needs is a REVOLUTION!!

  23. prolet0222 says:

    Filipino was only …
    Filipino was only exclusively used to pertain to Spaniards who were born in the Philippines also known as Insulares. Natives were just called Indios or by their ethnicity like Ilocano, Tagalog etc. That’s why Andres Bonifacio had even ordered to call the whole archipelago as Katagalugan and the people as Tagalog regardless of their ethnicity, as he had explained Tagalog derived from Taga-ilog which means from the river or those who lived on riverbanks which all people in our land thrived.

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