Do I need a passport to visit Cancun?

I have read several places on the net about Cancun or Mexico in general, and this seems to be a re-occurring question. Do I need a passport to travel to Cancun? And the answer is yes.

Cancun is one of the premier vacation hot spots in the world boasting over 100 hotels and about 4 Million visitors per year. With that kind of traffic you might think its a little more connected to the states, or its borders are open. But the bottom line is, it is still a foreign country. Wither your traveling from Europe or the states, a passport is necessary and highly recommended for ease in getting through customs, etc.

Some other common questions are, what do I pack for Cancun? What is the weather like? etc. Well, I like to travel light, but I would suggest sunscreen and beach wear as definite necessities. There are an infinite number of questions you might have. You may even have questions about where and how to exchange currency or possibly communicating in Spanish.

I have found Jim’s book “50 Things You Must Know Before You Travel to Mexico” to be extremely helpful in answering some common and uncommon questions, from safety and trip insurance, to communicating. And I tell you that really helped out because I don’t speak Spanish very well.

If your interested in Jim’s Book “50 Things You Must Know Before You Travel to Mexico”

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So if your just planning a family vacation or an extended trip, be sure to get that checklist out and don’t forget your passport!

Happy Travels!

Craig De Borba

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4 Responses to Do I need a passport to visit Cancun?

  1. dinkusno1 says:

    Do you need a passport to visit Cancun, Mexico?
    Or is a birth certificate all you need?

  2. Noni says:

    if u don’t live in mexico then you do need a passport.
    References :

  3. Lilly says:

    A year ago, you only needed identification and your birth certificate. However, I know starting for 2006 in Jamaica they’ve started with the passport only stuff. You should be able to call the resort you’re staying in to confirm this… or better yet, contact the US Customs department.

    Happy travelling!
    References :

  4. suzeeq says:

    Not this year. You need a birth certificate and state issued id, like a driver’s license.

    "In answer to a frequently asked question these days, no passport is needed to travel to Mexico in 2006. Beginning December 31, 2006, you will need a passport for air or sea travel and beginning December 31, 2007, you will need a passport for land travel to Mexico and Canada." Quoted from below.
    References :

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