Fair to Midland – A Wolf Descends Upon the Spanish Sahara (with Lyrics)

Their Facebook page. You all know why

This is the song “A Wolf Descends Upon the Spanish Sahara” by Fair to Midland. Long name, amazing results, literally. Seriously though, this song has one of the best choruses I’ve ever heard. I know, I laud every song on this album for having the best this or the best that, but that’s only because it’s an amazing album by an amazing band

I do not own this song. It is the sole property of Fair to Midland, Serjical Strike Records, and the Universal Music Group

Duration : 0:4:13

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24 Responses to Fair to Midland – A Wolf Descends Upon the Spanish Sahara (with Lyrics)

  1. Amie Walker says:

    if you look at it …
    if you look at it really deeply, they relate, but sometimes it’s hard to see the correlation.

  2. XthegenericX says:

    Agreed, Skabuloosh. …
    Agreed, Skabuloosh. Seriously, you guys…its called wordplay.

  3. Skabuloosh says:

    The both make sense …
    The both make sense. pause, by which you argued and explained. And paws, because he’s describing this as a wolf. as in a wolf, who goes around set on paws, wonders into a deserted town by curiosity

  4. brianrocks1231 says:

    very crazy names …
    very crazy names they put on their songs that dont really seem to relate to the song but good songs nonetheless!

  5. Nitr0Blader says:

    i have no idea wat …
    i have no idea wat theyre talking about in their songs sometimes… good band though!

  6. 123unknownsoldier126 says:

    I checked FTM’s …
    I checked FTM’s website, and it says the lyrics for that part are “Take all of the scraps.”

  7. 123unknownsoldier126 says:

    If it’s about a …
    If it’s about a man who leaves his past behind, couldn’t it be paws because he’s a “lone wolf”? He is leaving everything behind. IF you go on FTM’s website, they have a picture of a wolf burning a bridge for this song.

  8. buttonmastah says:

    3:13 THE most …
    3:13 THE most sorrowful sigh I have ever heard.

  9. pantherstealth1 says:

    LMFAO “homophones” …
    LMFAO “homophones” 

  10. 123unknownsoldier126 says:

    Yeah, it sounds …
    Yeah, it sounds like either “Thank God I can smell,” or “Take your lies and scram.”

  11. CryInTheAttic says:

    Ok, so what’s the …
    Ok, so what’s the meaning?

  12. orphaeus99 says:

    I’ve been informed …
    I’ve been informed it’s something to the effect of “Take your lies and scram/Now go by the wayside and never look back.”

  13. ninjajesus81 says:

    The last …
    The last repetition of the chorus at the end is different from the others. Can’t find what the real words are, though, but it’s more different than what’s in the lyrics in this video.

  14. MrNewpants says:

    also; if you look …
    also; if you look at it in context not as a single sentence, it’s pretty obvious that it’s “pause”. after all the song is about a man who has isolated himself from his past (hence the burning bridge). it’s not literal, the ghost towns are cherished places from his old life he left behind that haven’t changed (set on pause) when “going through” them in his mind. look at the meaning not just at the words.

  15. MrNewpants says:

    almost none of the …
    almost none of the titles have actually anything to do with the songs, they are ciphered titles of paintings Darroh saw in a gallery.

  16. MurderOnDancefloor says:

    Fuck you Fred, …
    Fuck you Fred, you.

  17. 123unknownsoldier126 says:

    hey i’m not saying …
    hey i’m not saying you’re wrong… i’m just saying thats my interpritation of it.

  18. the0US0marine says:

    lyricsmode com/ …
    lyricsmode com/lyrics/f/fair_to_midland/a_wolf_descends_upon_the_spanish_sahara.html

  19. the0US0marine says:

    lyricsmode com/ …
    lyricsmode com/lyrics/f/fair_to_midland/a_wolf_descends_upon_the_spanish_sahara.html

  20. BakonBunzzz says:

    Yeah… I think …
    Yeah… I think it’s paws too. It makes more sense to me.

  21. 123unknownsoldier126 says:

    you may be right, …
    you may be right, but i think it’s paws because “set on” can also mean that you are walking on paws or feet, and because of the title.

  22. the0US0marine says:

    Ghost town. Pause.
    Ghost town. Pause.

  23. 123unknownsoldier126 says:

    wolves… paws…
    wolves… paws…

  24. Sorecast says:

    I’m not a complete …
    I’m not a complete fan of Enter Shikari (Experimental hardcore, yet folky) but you should at least READ, Just read the lyrics to “arguing with thermometers”
    And Bright Eyes, check out all of his songs, I’m a big fan:)

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