Free Online Translation Services – What Are They?

In order to use these services, you must choose the language combination from a list and copy and paste your text that you need translated into the translation document. Within the time it takes you to click your way through, your translation is available. Once your translation is on the screen, you can easily copy and paste that text into the original document. However, caution must be used when doing this because when you translate an English phrase or sentence into any other language, there may be words that are not necessary in the requested language. Therefore, when you translate the phrase back into English again, it might not make sense. For instance if you are trying to translate the phrase “It is very cold outside today” from English into Spanish, the translation will look like this “Es muy frio fuera de hoy”. This makes sense. However, if you take that same phrase in Spanish and try to translate it back into English, the result will be “Is very cold out of today”. This doesn’t really make sense in English.

In order to make sure your translation is precise and accurate, it is best that you use the least amount of words possible. Long sentences or complex phrases are difficult to translate and the result might not be an accurate translation. If you are not using correct grammar or punctuation, this may also affect your results. For example, if there is a sentence in which a period is missing, the computer might assume that your phrase is actually that long. Therefore, the result might come back that you have entered a phrase or combination of words that we cannot translate.

Avoiding words that end in “ed” or “ing” can cause the computer to inaccurately translate the text. For example, the word “jump” is able to be accurately translated while the word “jumping” is considered to be too broad. Using this type of “machine translation”, or better known as MT, might not be the best way to go if you are using the translated text in any other form than informal.

In order to complete a big job, you may have to do this multiple times, taking up valuable time and resources that could be spent on accomplishing another equally important task. In this case, employing the help of the translation service might be an option for you. Of the many translation services, there are typically nominal fees to have a human operator accurately translate your project. If the project is going to be presented as part of a business presentation, you’ll want to let the service know this as many languages have formal and informal inflections that can present your information in different ways. In order to get the most from a translation service, make sure it is clearly defined the purpose for which you are seeking their assistance.

If you need to have something translated immediately, the free translation services are not really the ideal option. There are services that are available for a fee that will “chat” with you online to interpret for you. These are not that affordable and should only be used if it is absolutely necessary.

Kevin Dark

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2 Responses to Free Online Translation Services – What Are They?

  1. passit says:

    What's the difference between free and charged online translation services?
    Is the free translation services for documents, websites, etc as good as the services that cost money? Do you think that many people would pay for an actual human to translate their website for them instead of a computer program?

  2. mathie says:

    Experienced human translator is for sure better than a machine because of terminology, context and many thing AI is still catching up to.
    References :

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