“George Lopez” Why You Crying? Part 1/8

George Lopez: Why You Crying? captures a live performance by the stand-up veteran and sitcom star. Much of the material focuses on his family and the foibles of Hispanic culture

Disclaimer: I Do Not own this clip! © Showtime (2005) (worldwide) (all media) © No copyright Infringement Intended.

Duration : 0:10:0

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25 Responses to “George Lopez” Why You Crying? Part 1/8

  1. Reiddy Adames Garcia says:

    2012 too…..

    2012 too…..

  2. jiselle37 says:

    2012 anyone
    2012 anyone

  3. expertstrategy says:

    no, his eyes are …
    no, his eyes are always wide open whenever he acts like his grandmother.

  4. B0RNxC0NFUSED says:

    lol his eyes are …
    lol his eyes are always popping out xD

  5. PuckleberryFinchel15 says:

    Mom is the same but …
    Mom is the same but not anymore cause she know tht she’ll get in trouble now lol so not anymore.

  6. Tito Salgado says:

    George Lopez is …
    George Lopez is the Latino King of Comedy. Carlos Menstilia.

  7. VideoVault08 says:

    im gunna come off …
    im gunna come off the ground im gunna hit u so hard!

  8. 1mJuZ2GuD says:


  9. nanamems91 says:

    Y u crying !!!!!
    Y u crying !!!!!

  10. robinji1 says:

    hey this stand up …
    hey this stand up by george is basically a summary of his sitcom ‘the george lopez show’ :)

  11. LibraLibidinous says:

    “i can already …
    “i can already feel it in my hand.”

  12. andre13910 says:

    No Ice cream make …
    No Ice cream make me dizzy lol.

  13. MushyTheMack says:

    Rape! Ocha-awa- …
    Rape! Ocha-awa-lookit (o_o) lmao my favorite part

  14. Julian Sanchez says:

    Hahaha Hail hitler …
    Hahaha Hail hitler at 00:48

  15. 420timetosmoke420 says:

    thanks alot for the …
    thanks alot for the HQ upload dude! awesome. i wish i could find the video in one whole part though. but this is great

  16. AmericaJustin says:

    SOPA Can Sop A Dick
    SOPA Can Sop A Dick

  17. nubezz13 says:

    WHY U CRYING!!! OMG THATS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. cutiexa111 says:

    lol 2 dislikes? i …
    lol 2 dislikes? i know I’m not a spanish but can i borrow ur word for a while for these dislikers, THAT PUTO!!

  19. ima7unicorn says:

    lol, this is EVERY …
    lol, this is EVERY mexicans life story XD hes gonna take overr…watch out ;)
    my mom ALWAYSSSSS said that AYE , WHY YOU CRYIN???

  20. elite44oza says:

    they dont let kids …
    they dont let kids that walk like that into mcDonalds, walk right! hahaha that funny walk kills me 8:02

  21. Sylisthedemon says:

    Finaly George …
    Finaly George Lopez’s Why You Crying Uncut!!!

  22. mokshalovely says:

    “. …

    “…You don’t even know what it is!”
    “Yeah, but I know what it’s not.”

    yes. so good.

  23. 001DJCHIKEN001 says:

    mi grandmother …
    mi grandmother would give a putazo
    this is so sweet

  24. hbk2467y2j says:

    @latinflavor081 …
    @latinflavor081 Blonde white drag their daughters around in the parking lot of a Kmart. They need a beating.

  25. themuzikman210 says:

    One dislike. No …
    One dislike. No taste in comedy. PITIFUL!

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