Having a Tough Time Learning Common Spanish Phrases?

When you set out to take on learning another learning there are quick and slow methods you can use. If you recall every taking a French of Spanish course in High school you have first hand experience with this slow method of learning Spanish or any other language by memorizing hundreds of words.

I haven’t met a single person that loves memorizing hundreds or thousands of words and their associations with the English equivalent. Then bring in the conjugation of verbs, past and present tense, it’s enough to drive anyone away from learning another language. Why spend time learning all this secondary stuff that just isn’t needed for every day communication?

What’s the faster way to learn Spanish? It’s by learning common Spanish phrases that you use in everyday conversation and communication and leaving the rest alone. This is the fastest and most effective method of learning Spanish in the shortest period of time.

Need to find out how to get to the sub way? Ask for another glass of Wine? Figure out which way to the air port? Then you need to focus your time learning common Spanish phrases and not just hundreds of Spanish words.

What are some Common Spanish Phrases?

Here are just a few common Spanish phrases that you might use in every day interactions. Of course knowing these following phrases isn’t going to have you carrying on full conversations with people in a Spanish speaking country. It will make things a lot easier if you take the time to learn these and other important phrases. You never know when you might need them.

Do you speak English? / Habla Ingles?

I don’t speak Spanish / No hablo Español

What is your name? / Como se llama?

Can you help me? / Puede usted ayudarme?

My name is ___ / Me llamo ___

May I have the menu? / El menu por favor?

Can you show me? / Puede usted enseñarme?

Can you tell me? / Puede usted decirme?

Do you understand me? / Me entiende?

Most Spanish learning audio and software programs use this format of teaching you how to learn this language. While they will spend time teaching you basic vocabulary it will all be focused around teaching your common phrases later on.

For example: The first several lessons may teach you how to say words like: Bath room, air port, bus, grocery store, sub way, name etc. These are words that you need to know to be able to understand answers and questions to things you might need to ask.

While it may take you a few years to become completely bi-lingual in Spanish you can learn to communicate with the basics in about 2 months using a learn Spanish audio course like Rocket Spanish. This and other programs like it focus only on core vocabulary and important phrases and sentences.

If you want to starting learning Spanish, and also want to keep your costs down then I suggest checking out courses such as Rocket Spanish or Pimsleur Spanish. Both of these are audio courses you can use in your car or on your MP3 player making it even easier for you to learn on the go.

Dave Porter

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