How do you spell art is spanish?

Whats the word for art in spanish?

arte es correcto

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  1. teisha712 says:

    References :

  2. Elena T says:
    heres a great translation site
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  3. Isaac C. says:

    arte…is they way that it is translated bro..sounds..and looks dumb..but thats how is done.
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  4. purplecrazyy says:

    (The) art = (El) arte.
    References :

  5. hedley1232001 says:

    There are two words for art in Spanish
    As a noun: arte (it is male->Never ask why)
    As a verb (widely used in Shakespeare’s works): "eres" or "est├ís".
    References :

  6. Barbie C says:

    arte es correcto
    References :
    I’m a spanish major in college and in my junior year.

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