How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases for Days of the Week

Learn how to speak Spanish with topics such as the days of the week in this free language video on learning how to speak Spanish.

Expert: Mixitxu Etxeberria
Bio: Mixitxu Etxeberria speaks fluent Spanish, holds a BA in Linguistics from Reed College, lived in Spain for one year, taught Spanish for six months.
Filmmaker: EV studios

Duration : 0:2:39

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25 Responses to How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases for Days of the Week

  1. laramee00 says:

    gracias =^_^=
    gracias =^_^=

  2. laramee00 says:

    Spanish is great!!! …
    Spanish is great!!!! especially when your in spain france or paris!!!! i lloooooovvee to go to paris its a wonderful place there!!!! today is viernes!!

  3. 1996TheJp says:

    it’s veintiuno not …
    it’s veintiuno not veinte uno

  4. IMoonLights says:

    Goooosh am so …
    Goooosh am so frustrated ! why spanish is so faaaaaaaaaaast faaaaaast .. am always tired and afraid to speak it!

  5. Murdilizer says:

    Spanish is great …
    Spanish is great for beaners!

  6. juancarlosgarci says:

    preciosa se dice : …
    preciosa se dice : el veintiuno de junio pegado y no separado, espero que no te sientas mal por hacer esta aclaración.hasta luego.

  7. juancarlosgarci says:

    preciosa el numero …
    preciosa el numero 21 se dice. el veintiuno de junio, se dice junto y no separado.espero que no te sientas mal por corregirte .

  8. juancarlosgarci says:

    creo que tu …
    creo que tu esfuerzo para poder enseñarles alas personas español es muy bueno,te felicito.

  9. deenie1219 says:

    She is a great …
    She is a great teacher! Her enunciation is way above average. Thanks. Muy gracias!

  10. 01MIZZE says:

    hoy es 19 de …
    hoy es 19 de noviembre del año 2010

  11. Bennyclay661 says:

    the best and …
    the best and fastest way to learn in with the visual link spanish program and its free just go to my video review for the link

    to confirm i’m not lying that it is the best go to it and you’ll see what i mean.

  12. mrKurosaki100 says:

    hoy es 19 de …
    hoy es 19 de noviembre del año 2009.

  13. mrKurosaki100 says:

    no, words in …
    no, words in spanish never change

  14. franxute69 says:

    Se dice veintiuno. …
    Se dice veintiuno… aprende español antes de intentar enseñarlo.

  15. mrpablobeta says:

    both are pronounced …
    both are pronounced the same way
    remember.. in spanish letters never change its sounds.

    maybe its sounds diferrent in the video
    .trust me, i’m from chile ;) xD

  16. Pursuman says:

    In spanish letters …
    In spanish letters NEVER change its sound

  17. Pursuman says:

    You’re completely …
    You’re completely wrong.
    (d) always sound as (d), in spanish, de letters never change its sound.
    Only in part of Spain (regional) de (D) sound as (th) when is at the final of a word.
    Madrid= some people say Madriz (Madrith)

  18. karamilray says:

    is the (d) in …
    is the (d) in spanish is (th) ??or not .
    cuz when she say it . it sound like (th).

  19. Pursuman says:

    Imperative = Listen …
    Imperative = Listen and read! = ¡Escuchen y lean! (formal) or ¡escuchad y leed! (colloquial).
    2º They listen an read in class = Ellos escuchan y leen en clase.
    To listen and read = escuchar y leer.

  20. Truckerssweetpea says:

    is the v not …
    is the v not pronounced as a b?

  21. 7xXGoMeZXx7 says:

    jaja probes yankees …
    jaja probes yankees con esta hDMP no van a aprender un choto jajaja

  22. KJHVB says:

    echenle ganas …
    echenle ganas chavos (Y) XD

  23. makross2 says:

    escuchar y leér; …
    escuchar y leér; escuchà y leè; escuche y lea,… these three ways ;)

  24. FrankzTerz says:

    que chingatho’s? O, …
    que chingatho’s? O,o

  25. abrstargo says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for answering my question. Gracias. :)

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