How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases for Getting Directions

Learn how to speak Spanish with common phrases covering getting directions in this free language video on learning how to speak Spanish.

Expert: Mixitxu Etxeberria
Bio: Mixitxu Etxeberria speaks fluent Spanish, holds a BA in Linguistics from Reed College, lived in Spain for one year, taught Spanish for six months.
Filmmaker: EV studios

Duration : 0:3:16

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25 Responses to How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases for Getting Directions

  1. DR5500 says:

    Realmente ?? donde …
    Realmente ?? donde esta el baño ….

  2. ELSAUSA says:

    Donde esta el Baño
    Donde esta el Baño

  3. Bennyclay661 says:

    the best and …
    the best and fastest way to learn in with the visual link spanish program and its free just go to my video review for the link

    to confirm i’m not lying that it is the best go to it and you’ll see what i mean.

  4. CatchAndLearn says:

    to learn Spanish, …
    to learn Spanish, visit my channel, it´s the best course

  5. Zero42O says:

    Just do it

    Just do it
    Start thinking something you really really want cause this is
    astounding the person that sent this to me said their wish came true 10
    mins after they read the mail so I thought what the heck
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  6. Fedex08 says:

    estoy llendome …
    estoy llendome correcto hmm, its not the best way to say it, it will be better, voy en la direccion correcta, or , voy por el camino que es

  7. ft3y2j says:

    ya, te estoy …
    ya, te estoy diciendo que es “yendome”, pero que se puede utilizar la “ll” con ese mismo sonido. (en este caso solo la “y”). teneis razon…

  8. 7nites says:

    she is good. Hope …
    she is good. Hope there would be more phrases for other situations.

  9. AvenueD417 says:

    wow, now thats a …
    wow, now thats a rare name she has.

  10. Totomiil says:

    hahaha banyo! haha …
    hahaha banyo! haha xD

  11. daTutankabron says:

    estoy yéndome …
    estoy yéndome correcto?????????

  12. jenniusagi says:

    puedo asegurarte …
    puedo asegurarte que es yendome no llendome

  13. jenniusagi says:

    baño for sure! ;)
    baño for sure! ;)

  14. abigmusicfan13 says:

    Ummm.. banyo.. or …
    Ummm.. banyo.. or baño? wtf?

  15. TSM9356 says:


    love …

    love life go vegan

  16. phatkid099 says:


  17. ft3y2j says:

    it´s true, I´m …
    it´s true, I´m sorry,
    la cague , fallo mío!!!
    but “i” can change to “ll” too

  18. bigD2387 says:

    pincha qoto!
    pincha qoto!

  19. TopillaoGrana says:

    if you look up “ir” …
    if you look up “ir” in RAE online dictionary and click on conjugar you see that the gerundio is yendo

  20. ft3y2j says:

    ni que esto fuera …
    ni que esto fuera euskera

  21. ft3y2j says:

    por cierto:
    ¡¿” …

    por cierto:
    es una cagada de preescolar

  22. ft3y2j says:

    no, es llendome

    no, es llendome
    some words change the “i” to “y” it´s true, but there are anothers which change it for “ll”

  23. TopillaoGrana says:

    i’m sure is yendome …
    i’m sure is yendome. the “i” of ir changes to “y”. like disminuir > disminuyendo.

  24. diegofany23 says:

    is… baño! and …
    is… baño! and also u could say … me estoy marchando. and yes, lléndome is with ll, but that word is not helpful for an english, better u can use… voy bien?… more simple!

  25. diegofany23 says:

    estas loco?
    estas loco?

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