How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases for Hotels

Learn how to speak Spanish with common phrases to use for hotels in this free language video on learning how to speak Spanish.

Expert: Mixitxu Etxeberria
Bio: Mixitxu Etxeberria speaks fluent Spanish, holds a BA in Linguistics from Reed College, lived in Spain for one year, taught Spanish for six months.
Filmmaker: EV studios

Duration : 0:4:44

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25 Responses to How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases for Hotels

  1. 567Trent says:

    Me encanta su …
    Me encanta su videos aprendí español mucho

  2. Francerandre says:

    maybe you should …
    maybe you should practice it more… where are you now??… think u need to speak an accent according the country you are!… hugs!

  3. coolfreestanding says:

    I’m from spain, and …
    I’m from spain, and I assure you that she’s not spanish speaker, because he pronounce the C as a S, and she said in this video, in the minute 2:00 “¡Que duermes bien!”…that’s wrong, she must say “¡que duermas bien!”, and the worst thing I ever heard is “¿qué es mi habitación?”, WTF?? In spanish, there’s a huge different between “qué” and “cuál”, although in english, what means the two words, but not in spanish.

  4. classico6788 says:

    i am trying to find …
    i am trying to find vids taught panish on youtube , can u suggest me some ?

  5. TheReycoco says:

    This is the worst …
    This is the worst spanish accent i have ever heard, i am spanish, i know!

  6. beensolongg says:

    very great teaching …
    very great teaching and useful expressions,
    thx alot, for this.

  7. Manstevjim says:

    jajajajajaj esta …
    jajajajajaj esta pinche vieja tiene un nombre bien largoo ehh
    jajaja no mames jajajajajaj

  8. MrTonycruz85 says:

    Híce una …
    Híce una reservación.
    ¿Qué es mi número de habitación? WTF She doesn´t know to speak spanish, Why this people uploaded this kind of bad videos. Right way it´s ¿Cuál es mi número de habitación?

  9. Shuki362 says:

    y ¿por qué incluso …
    y ¿por qué incluso hacer clic en este vídeo?

  10. EresUnGranAsco says:

    jajajajajajajaja ” …
    jajajajajajajaja ” que es mi numero de habitación?? “” XDDDDD

  11. EresUnGranAsco says:

    mhh pero nunca …
    mhh pero nunca decimos “quiero una reserva, una reserva es un área protegida para la ecologia”, para el hotel hacemos una “reservación”. El español que saben los latinos de E.U. no es español de verdad.

  12. jorgeperona says:

    cual es mi numero …
    cual es mi numero de habitacion?. De donde coño eres tu?. No eres nativa de español!. Enseña otro idioma, boba. Lo haces mal.

  13. patrickrpg says:

    I want to know her …
    I want to know her room number?

  14. gustavito793 says:

    @churu1989 :) Yo se …
    @churu1989 :) Yo se español! I’m from colombia and here you don’t speak spanish in your class, only english! is too easy, the spanish is hard to learn

  15. chipsalvin says:

    gracias.muy bien.
    gracias.muy bien.

  16. chipsalvin says:

    gracias.muy bien.

    gracias.muy bien.


  17. chipsalvin says:

    gracias.muy bien.

    gracias.muy bien.


  18. saltodelfuego says:

    ya sabes español ? …
    ya sabes español ? de donde eres?

  19. thebeginner15 says:

    @churu1989 , oh ok, …
    @churu1989 , oh ok, that was confusing me. i’m portuguese, so i understand what spanish people say, but i can’t speak the lauguage. it won’t be very hard ,though.

  20. Aligzandr says:

    Nope! Look at the …
    Nope! Look at the video part. It is not a key, it is a button! It is the CC button
    Sorry for answering so late!

  21. UserOfMeltdown says:

    ¿por qué usted lo …
    ¿por qué usted lo mira, entonces?

  22. 90sammyboy says:


    @ …


  23. 90sammyboy says:


  24. 90sammyboy says:

    thanks this is …
    thanks this is great help

  25. MrEndlessly says:

    it it the shift and …
    it it the shift and if not wat is it?

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