How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases in Sports

Learn how to speak Spanish with common phrases in sports in this free language video on learning how to speak Spanish.

Expert: Mixitxu Etxeberria
Bio: Mixitxu Etxeberria speaks fluent Spanish, holds a BA in Linguistics from Reed College, lived in Spain for one year, taught Spanish for six months.
Filmmaker: EV studios

Duration : 0:4:39

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25 Responses to How to Speak Spanish : Common Spanish Phrases in Sports

  1. HalloweenJack3 says:


    It’s actually …

    It’s actually “Me gustaría tomar clases de esquí”

  2. Bennyclay661 says:

    the best and …
    the best and fastest way to learn in with the visual link spanish program and its free just go to my video review for the link

    to confirm i’m not lying that it is the best go to it and you’ll see what i mean.

  3. Christopher711 says:

    Mixitxu , this a …
    Mixitxu , this a gredat service. Thank you.

  4. sebastiansl1 says:

    jajajaj aser!!!!! …
    jajajaj aser!!!!! its hacer…!!

  5. icefenixxx says:

    LOL… that’s a …
    LOL… that’s a joke right?

  6. IGNAZIOUS says:

    Aguilit33 indio …
    Aguilit33 indio puto maricon, desapareciste, no te la bancas, indigena de mierda! nenita de mama, bancate las puteadas, no duras ni cinco segundos con las puteadas de un argentino! hijo de una legion de putas! la recalcada concha de tu reputisima madre, Intento de aborto!Indigena Aborto de mono!

  7. Ismael Vazquez says:

    Acento Nulo ¿como …
    Acento Nulo ¿como el de un robot?
    No creo que en toda latinoamérica exista un acento neutral o nulo. Ignazious, tener acento no es malo.

  8. IGNAZIOUS says:

    sos idiota si no le …
    sos idiota si no le entendes! de donde carajo venis? de la luna??!!

  9. IGNAZIOUS says:

    no tenemos acento, …
    no tenemos acento, seria acento Nulo, no neutral

  10. Ismael Vazquez says:

    Ignazious, el …
    Ignazious, el acento argentino no es neutral.

  11. undacova16 says:

    is this spanish …
    is this spanish from spain?

  12. IGNAZIOUS says:

    no decimos asi!
    no decimos asi!

  13. IGNAZIOUS says:

    Vos te equivocas, …
    Vos te equivocas, no tenes ni idea, definase primero lunfardo, no tienen nada que ver, eso esta en segundo plano, independientemente del acento. Averigue también de donde viene el acento de España, el real es que se hablaba en el Virreinato del Rio de la Plata, no se perdió, se mantuvo aislado, no influenciado por otras lenguas, como suele pasar en otros lugares de latinoamérica y por la declinación de pronunciar las S y Z como lo hacen en España.

  14. TopillaoGrana says:

    I’m fr Spain but …
    I’m fr Spain but lived 4 many years in southAm. & they differ in accent and intonation basically,the fact of “word”variation from 1place to another exist in every region so that mustnt shake u. In South Am,nrmally, the “c” and “z” r prnounced like “s” while this doesnt occur in Spain. Every country has its own intonation and melody,& in Spain is more plain. To me British Eng.matches, virtually, with Sp from Spain,&AmEng with American Sp in th sense of intonation and speed while talking I’d say.

  15. kza7 says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the imput. The UK uses different words and different accents/pronunciations than the US, especially when compared to the South, but everyone can understand one another (more or less). I was hoping to learn Spanish to better understand all Spanish speakers.

  16. IGNAZIOUS says:

    First of all, in …
    First of all, in Latin america the language is not a dialect, is a variation, It is very different, the spanish from Spain uses different words, the latin american spanish changes the accent, the pronunciation, the spanish from Buenos Aires sounds a bit like italian, plus a lot of words that in Spain are not used. All depends the region, for example it is difficult to me to understand the accent form chile, I am from Buenos Aires. The Argentine spanish is the real neutral spanish.

  17. kza7 says:

    How much different …
    How much different is the Spanish spoken in Spain from the dialect spoken in Latin America?

  18. mackenzie235 says:

    i think after …
    i think after watching the videos that the person who typed out the text wasn’t that familiar with spanish. i think this is obvious from the hesitations that the reader made before reading the text out, as she probably realised the mistakes.
    those of you who complained rudely, need to learn some manners before commenting.

    Tact is the art of making a point without
    making an enemy.

  19. pisstanx says:

    why all the hate …
    why all the hate people just trying to learn and its free

  20. rickyuhiggo says:

    most of the things …
    most of the things are sentences no one will use and its spelt feneticly idiot.

  21. jessinma says:

    Yo alucino si ya se …
    Yo alucino si ya se enseña mal desde un principio como pretende que el que lo aprenda lo hable de perlas…
    Deberia aprender como se pronuncian muchas palabras antes de ponerse a dar clases…

  22. listentothewall says:

    you should learn …
    you should learn how to spell and speak it correctly before teaching it to people.

  23. doney94 says:

    i hate you your so …
    i hate you your so gay

  24. KuriMusic says:

    No es: “Me gustaría …
    No es: “Me gustaría aser clases de esquí”
    es: “Me gustaría hacer clases de esquí”

    Se puede pronunciar como está escrito, pero a la hora de escribirlo no es así.

    Voy a poner esto y seguro q me poneis puntos
    negativos, pero esq no se escribe asi.
    Y ya se que yo estoy escribiendo mal esto xD.


  25. parsector says:

    “¿Cómo es la nieve …
    “¿Cómo es la nieve hoy?” is wrong.

    We must say “¿Cómo está la nieve hoy?”

    “Nunca he jugado eso” is very, very wrong.

    We must say “Nunca he jugado a eso”.

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