How to Speak Spanish : Tips on Common Romantic Spanish Phrases

Learn how to speak Spanish with common phrases covering romance in this free language video on learning how to speak Spanish.

Expert: Mixitxu Etxeberria
Bio: Mixitxu Etxeberria speaks fluent Spanish, holds a BA in Linguistics from Reed College, lived in Spain for one year, taught Spanish for six months.
Filmmaker: EV studios

Duration : 0:3:20

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23 Responses to How to Speak Spanish : Tips on Common Romantic Spanish Phrases

  1. BboyBells says:

    She’s not spanish …
    She’s not spanish for sure

  2. BboyBells says:

    hermosa no GUAPA!! …
    hermosa no GUAPA!!!!!!

  3. BboyBells says:

    te amo for me you …
    te amo for me you can say it to your girlfriend… :)

  4. TheRojNetwork says:

    Hey there! please …
    Hey there! please check out my original romantic track ‘Lust for Love’, Enjoy!

  5. TrappedOnAnIsland says:

    I would never say ‘ …
    I would never say ‘I want you’ to my mother for a start..

  6. fishermenize says:

    this is helpful
    this is helpful

  7. AngelLovesUdontCry says:


  8. ART1025MXL says:

    Only her name but I …
    Only her name but I can assure you she’s not a native Spanish speaker and she also needs to learn more Spanish because she has so many mistakes.

  9. ART1025MXL says:

    VENISTE is …
    VENISTE is completely INCORRECT !!! It’s VINISTE. Don’t get fooled by this ignorant woman.

  10. coyote094 says:

    cuando ella lo …
    cuando ella lo dice da miedo :S

  11. mirta1951 says:

    Look out! There’s a …
    Look out! There’s a spelling mistake  in the subtitle of the first phrase. It’s viniste, not veniste. Careful!!!!!

  12. Harukanatsuki1 says:

    (te quiero) we use …
    (te quiero) we use that for friends and stuff or family too but te amo is the strongest word you can say to someone like you reallly like like the person XDDD see so is like te quiero is not as strong as te amo, hope that help you.

  13. thegammageek1 says:

    What’s the …
    What’s the difference between “te quiero” and “te amo”? I know the first is “I want you” and the latter “I love you” but is there a difference in meaning? Like which would I say to my mother and what would I say to my lover? Just asking.

  14. bgallichon1 says: the best spanish program available. kicks rocket spanish’s lol

  15. DavidMiramontes1 says:

    Ha-Ha! How do you …
    Ha-Ha! How do you say………. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!

  16. theaashishjayant says:

    whyyyy???????? …
    whyyyy???????? nything wrong??

  17. Jonakimoo says:

    Senorita, I love …
    Senorita, I love how you look directly into my eyes and tell me that you love me, that I am handsome, and that you want me to go back to your place, S-L-O-W-L-Y and emphatically. I accept. (I will understand “go away” as a Spanish lesson.)

  18. imperfectosjosue says:

    Te amor > Te …
    Te amor > Te quiero > Me gustas.

    “Te quiero” is more used in Spain than yours “I love you”, which can’t means a lot of love. “Te quiero” is usually used between girls, like kisses or hugs.
    We are very loving.

  19. Kheira20 says:

    leave me alone …
    leave me alone hahahahahaha

  20. elcurandero2010 says:

    Wait a moment; ” …
    Wait a moment; “Veniste”?; no no no…wrong word!!!. The correct word is “viniste”, v i n i s t e. The past tense of the verb “venir” (come) is:
    Yo vine – I came
    Tú viniste – You came
    El, ella vino – He, she, it came
    Nosotros vinimos – We came
    Ustedes vinieron – You came
    Ellos vinieron – They came

  21. AlreadyEddie says:

    Is she basque? She …
    Is she basque? She has a basque name

  22. akaTheLaughingGirl says:

    this video should …
    this video should be called how to hit on someone at the club or a party in spanish haha @ 2:02

  23. jnmpm09 says:

    ok….Idk about …
    ok….Idk about every one else, but this sounds like something you would would learn to ‘hook up’ with some one in a Spanish speaking country…..

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