Interview with a Pickpocket at the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona

I’m amazed at how few travel programs mention anything about safety when traveling. It’s in all the guide books but somehow it’s never mentioned in travel films.

During the Running of the Bulls festival we wanted to find out about the pickpocket scene and managed to get an interview with a professional pickpocket. He’s very articulate about what the job entrails.

Disclosure: at the festival I had my pocket picked, as did most everyone.

Duration : 0:5:4

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23 Responses to Interview with a Pickpocket at the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona

  1. lukesta12 says:

    after the interview …
    after the interview, the pickpocket stole the camermans pants

  2. ibreedh8 says:

    Rusty!!!!! you …
    Rusty!!!!! you monster. Tetanus is no joke.

  3. lordofthenoobs says:


  4. ZIGGZACK14 says:

    00:01 dickpockets …
    00:01 dickpockets (poster)

  5. PoorIllyrian says:

    hahahah the best …
    hahahah the best part was when he said girls tallk alot it isnt easy to faind a smart girl they are the best !!!

  6. maybeitsapandemic says:

    Girls: put things …
    Girls: put things in your bra
    Guys: put important in your crotch or shoes or someshit

  7. KyleVarner says:

    haha gentleman of …
    haha gentleman of crime? There really is no such thing. I had 300 euros taken from my pocket once. These scum make me very angry.

  8. faquiado says:

    ahahha 0:01 LOOKING …

  9. digeroalcon says:

    Paris is the top …
    Paris is the top place for rumanian pickpockets. They are the main problem of Paris right now and a lot of people in Paris try to hide this from tourists. I try to post about this on tripadvisor and they always delete my posts.
    Paris don’t want that people knows about this problem.

  10. GregTom2 says:

    I have more respect …
    I have more respect for a theif that makes 100 000$ a year than for a banquer/buisnessman that makes 200 000$ a year. Neither of them brings something constructive to the society, but the theif takes less.

  11. michaelclemmons13 says:

    If someone has the …
    If someone has the skill to do that, then they are working for the money. And all you people who say it should be done by force are stupid because it takes real skill to pickpocket not mug which is for stupid hoodlums.

  12. TokyoAttackSquad says:

    “He has me lucky …
    “He has me lucky charms!”

  13. IAMPHILBERTO says:

    Hemi Hemi Hemi I …
    Hemi Hemi Hemi I got love in my tummy…

  14. hemicalais says:

    fuck this guttless …
    this guttless cunt

  15. pfhrmb says:

    damn he got you …
    he got you good, he actually is the guy… check his page

  16. MrZinty says:

    @nonaurbuissness …
    @nonaurbuissness The rich man most likely earned his money. He deserves it. There are always jobs available.
    Cool Story:
    I love it when people about there being no jobs.My friend bitched about it once when we were 15 and I went around and got him 10 job application forms within 2 hours or so, filled them out with him and sent them off. A week later or so he had 6-8 interview requests. There were always paper rounds but they suck =P.

  17. AgrivatedKillah says:

    eh… some people …
    eh… some people like to try and make something look honorable when they know its wrong so they don’t feel so bad about what their doing.. its sort of like how murderers in jail will ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS try and down play the crime.

  18. Rangasoup says:

    Ok, now that’s an …
    Ok, now that’s an opinion I can respect. Some may rather not be beat up and think it’s honorable, and some may think it’s cowardly. Either way, the amount of skill to do this is pretty cool even though it’s horrible for the victims.

  19. AgrivatedKillah says:

    No, I just don’t …
    No, I just don’t see whats so cool about trying to be an honorable thief.
    If you’re going to take something from someone, atleast do it by force, and not behind their back.

  20. Rangasoup says:

    You are so …
    You are so disturbingly arrogant

  21. IAMPHILBERTO says:

    I am that guy… …
    I am that guy… You idiot.

  22. hemicalais says:

    ur a idiot …
    ur a idiot, i hope this guy steals all ur u faggot.

  23. KlockRenen says:

    A …
    A pickpocket stole my wallet in italy. Hate those fuckers. Cant earn there money by them selfes,

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