Learn Spanish (Greeting + Introduction) – Lerne Spanisch (Begrüßung) – Aprende Español

Spanish Course – For more information please visit http://www.linguatv.com

Learn how to greet someone and introduce yourself in Spanish.
Join Patricia and Alejandro and discover the fascinating Spanish language at LinguaTV.com. Learn Spanish from native speakers in an easy and entertaining way.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating Hispanic culture and discover its friendly people, vibrating music, unique food and much more. Our online video course takes you to famous sites and historic places in Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Spain and others. Enjoy the experience of learning a new language through fascinating and entertaining stories. Join our characters, many passionate spanish young people and visit a vibrant salsa club in a dreamlike city, Madrid. ¡Vamos!

For more information visit http://www.linguatv.com

In this video language course “Spanish for Beginners” (“Curso de español para principiantes”) you will learn the most important Spanish vocabulary, such as numbers, times of day, greetings, farewells, etc. You will also discover how to ask for directions, book a hotel room, order tapas, or arrange a date to the cinema.

Our videos also provide the opportunity to learn the basics of Spanish grammar, everything from pronouns to irregular verbs, including the use of past tense.

Strengthen your knowledge by doing the interactive exercises offered with each lesson.

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Duration : 0:2:28

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7 Responses to Learn Spanish (Greeting + Introduction) – Lerne Spanisch (Begrüßung) – Aprende Español

  1. LingorillaTV says:

    Do you like Spanish …
    Do you like Spanish? Let´s celebrate “el Día del Español”. Join the fiesta & WIN Spanish courses or SAVE 25% off the subscription of all premium accounts at lingorilla (dot) com | More info at Lingorilla com Blog

  2. Schweisskatt says:

    De Madrid, Pamplona …
    De Madrid, Pamplona, Argentina .. en este video si que están vocalizando bien y además que lo hablan despacio

  3. srafein says:

    I really like this …
    I really like this small clip! Its perfect for my spanish ones! but all the words and ads are a little distracting on the screen

  4. LinguaTV says:

    Thank you! Gracias! …
    Thank you! Gracias! For more information please visit the website of LinguaTV.com –> direct link to the Spanisch course in the description of the video above.

  5. LinguaTV says:

    Hallo Maike, vielen …
    Hallo Maike, vielen Dank für Dein Lob! Eigentlich ist dies ein Video zum Spanisch lernen. LinguaTV bietet eine Vielzahl von unterhaltsamen Videos zum Sprachenlernen an. Hier lernst Du zum Beispiel wie man sich selbst in Spanisch begrüßt und vorstellt oder den anderen nach seinem Namen udn Herkunft fragt. Im Spanischkurs gibt es tatäschlich noch weitere Salsa-Videos. Weitere Infos findest Du bei LinguaTV –> siehe Link in der Videobeschreibung.

  6. MaikesVideoLounge says:

    Toll. So würde ich …
    Toll. So würde ich auch gerne Salsa lernen. Habt ihr noch mehr Videos?

  7. adtingar says:

    Thank you. This is …
    Thank you. This is an amazing video!

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