Pablo Picasso biography (4 of 9)

A biography of the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.

Duration : 0:10:55

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25 Responses to Pablo Picasso biography (4 of 9)

  1. chetansingh2006 says:

    i find mattise more …
    i find mattise more colourfull and beautifull and modern painter then picasso in my opnion

  2. sylviagiordano1234 says:

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

  3. esepablo19 says:


  4. berrim says:

    spanish carvings
    spanish carvings

  5. esepablo19 says:

    0:38 he bought 2 …
    0:38 he bought 2 primitive what? can someone help me out

  6. neurophobicnperfect says:

    What are you …
    What are you trying to say?

  7. neurophobicnperfect says:

    Steal, emmulate, …
    Steal, emmulate, whatever. I think there is a difference between the 2.

  8. Treezeeez says:

    Good documentary, …
    Good documentary, unbiased too

  9. GlamGlitters21 says:

    an amazing …
    an amazing documentary giving information about his life and about his arts

  10. tonyfears says:

    wow!…. we know …
    wow!…. we know why people didn’t like it right? Because of the African influences remember racisms and classism, was a big part of the cultural…………

  11. cheatdath says:

    great artists steal
    great artists steal

  12. Cassia1907 says:

    Le document est …
    Le document est fantastique! Il n’y a rien à redire à ce document. Qui sont tous ces hommes honorables qui font les éloges des œuvres Académiques de Pablo Picasso? Ah oui! Je reconnais Pierre DAIX et son incompétence, son igniorance, sur les oeuvres du maître

  13. Cassia1907 says:

    The paper is …
    The paper is fantastic! There is nothing wrong with this document. Who are all thesehonorable men who praise Academic works of Pablo Picasso? Oh yes! I acknowledge Peter DAIX and incompetence, igniorance on the works of the master

  14. headly66 says:

    Fuck you, you must …
    you, you must be a loser artist.

  15. TheFreepainter says:

    I don’t care if …
    I don’t care if people are here for school or not. It just makes me really happy to see that thousands of people are still at least putting the time in to understand that man behind the genius.

  16. theyouneek1 says:

    every shade he used …
    every shade he used pink, the “happy period” of women and circus

  17. poetrywithedge says:

    His tribal art is …
    His tribal art is inventive…Love it!

  18. cacaorocks says:

    fuck picasso..lets …
    picasso..lets find a new guy to admire!

  19. esenciararo08 says:

    hahaha same here, …
    hahaha same here, only i have to turn in a written report….

  20. Paradajz39 says:

    THe clowns were …
    THe clowns were the rose period I think

  21. ean151 says:

    where is the …
    where is the download to this movie :( I need it for my history project tomorrow !!! !!!

  22. 55longboard55 says:

    it talks about in …
    it talks about in part 3

  23. rsl84 says:

    which was the rose …
    which was the rose period..??

  24. novostendhal says:

    La plus belle …
    La plus belle peinture du MOMA de New-York? Les Demoiselles d’Avignon!

  25. davemanning says:

    Why disable the …
    Why disable the link?

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