Pablo Picasso biography (7 of 9)

A biography of the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.

Duration : 0:10:54

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25 Responses to Pablo Picasso biography (7 of 9)

  1. handeye123456 says:

    If he treated women …
    If he treated women like that…..he deserved every moment of loneliness! i dont care if he could paint!

  2. eezysqueezy says:

    He exhibited all …
    He exhibited all his arrogance and ego in his life and left the good stuff for the paintings. Though, to be fair, would a nice, friendly, respectful of women Picasso have been the same artist? Probably not.

  3. eezysqueezy says:

    It’s amazing how …
    It’s amazing how much of a one can be to many many different people if it is accompanied by genius.

  4. agnarkol says:

    fantastico vida …
    fantastico vida desse mestre dos mestres!

  5. arzadi11 says:

    “his colossus ego”? …
    “his colossus ego”??? how can they say that Picasso had a “colossus ego” in this video??? haven’t they seen any of Picasso’s artworks? in none of Picasso’s artistic expressions anyone can find an ounce of arrogance or pretentiousness…. so how can he ever have a “colossus ego”? if he did, we all could have seen that kind of big ego in his paintings… where? no arrogance. none! Picasso was the most MODEST ARTIST ever. why do they lie in this video about him?

  6. sid9221 says:

    How the did …
    How the did not get an std…..dude banged everything that moved…

  7. SexyRaww says:

    Okay artist. But a …
    Okay artist. But a waste of human space.

  8. melpa04 says:

    @tasteofu im half …
    @tasteofu im half basque aswell so of course i do not like the spanish, and so you are saying the british empire and roman empire was nothing compared to the spanish?? you make me laugh lol!

  9. melpa04 says:

    @tasteofu thats the …
    @tasteofu thats the funniest thing ive heard, french women are very strong and proud, its the spanish women who are weak and have sex with anyone.

  10. zw0ecool says:

    He was badass…. …
    He was badass….charm, womanizer, a little ego, competitive, love and passion for his work, imperfection….he defines what a man is. He could be defined as a conquistador of painting.

  11. zw0ecool says:

    He was badass…. …
    He was badass….charm, womanizer, a little ego, competitive, love and passion for his work, imperfection….he defines what a man is. He could be defined as a conquistador of painting.

  12. jetsonjoe says:

    he was a stubborn …
    he was a stubborn misplaced ego of a man…sexy as all heck…an adventurer of a artist…who was a little out of control…a sexual conquer…who was a terrible mean father…bitter…and very very cruel…he supported his family finacially but abandoned them emotionally…some ways he was a success and in many ways was a terrible failure. An artist is more than their work.

  13. UMBUBA says:


  14. MT323able says:

    he was a whore …
    he was a whore lover a real puto!

  15. ScaleyManFish1 says:

    picasso was a p-mag
    picasso was a p-mag

  16. cacaorocks says:

    jean cocteau at …
    jean cocteau at matisse funeral

  17. JohnQRandom says:

    “Call me back when …
    “Call me back when you’ll *speack* and understable language…”

    LOL! You might want to take your own advice. (Stupid fool)

  18. lapinot21 says:

    Yes. Call me back …
    Yes. Call me back when you’ll speack and understable language. Thank you.

  19. JohnQRandom says:

    Joy is knowing that …
    Joy is knowing that the comments posted by idiots like yourself prove your own stupidity. LOL!

  20. lapinot21 says:

    HAHA, play with …
    HAHA, play with your star wars toys and stop talking about art, stupid protestant. You don’t even know what is Joy, how could you understand Picasso’s art ?

  21. billheartyface says:

    oh JohnnyQ….I can …
    oh JohnnyQ….I can still remember when you actually had something to say.

  22. JohnQRandom says:

    What really is the …
    What really is the problem here. The videos I watch, or some troll who who goes around youtube claiming other peoples’ opinions are stupid while urging them to “smarten up”. There are too many of you on youtube. who in reality keep their mouths shut due to the risk of getting their kicked.

    I highly suggest you keep your cocky remarks to yourself. Why I’m even giving a pillow-biting dick like you the attention he wants is strange in itself.


  23. billheartyface says:

    Holy Shit! The …
    Holy Shit! The guy who watches CONCRETE BLONDE VIDEOS is telling me to “fuck off”. CONCRETE BLONDE!!!!

  24. billheartyface says:

    nah, it’s not …
    nah, it’s not nearly as good as “fuck off” or “awesome come back”. that is the stuff of legend. what was it exactly I was supposed to “come back” too? “mind your own business”??? did you get that from your grandma? what about my P’s and Q’s?

  25. JohnQRandom says:

    awesome come back …
    awesome come back man, just awesome.

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