¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

This is an amazing music video to the classic song “¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?”

Duration : 0:1:55

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25 Responses to ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

  1. bogambiliia23 says:

    como dice mi papa …
    como dice mi papa en el pais de los ciegos el que tiene un ojo es rey, por eso la mayoria no habla espanol jijiji

  2. spodefollower says:

    I love how every …
    I love how every comment is in English despite the fact that this video is in Spanish.

  3. mzzbeautiful121 says:

    Boom 1:56  minutes …
    Boom 1:56  minutes ahead of the rest of spanish classmates! #SwaqBITCHES

  4. RubberDucky963 says:

    My Spanish teacher …
    My Spanish teacher plays this in class and we always sing it.

  5. roxasXnamine04 says:

    you guys are funny …
    you guys are funny and AWESOME

  6. renchi25 says:

    i show this to my …
    i show this to my spanish classes and each one loves it! great job!

  7. everythingmiku says:

    my friends and saw …
    my friends and saw this in spanish and we sing it everywhere in the halls at home and at local festivals

  8. funny891011 says:

    back when they …
    back when they played this in my Spanish class like a month ago there was this annoying kid who kept saying “nieva”

  9. Elegyofawesomeness says:

    haha, this is how …
    haha, this is how I remember it!

  10. dustinengel1 says:

    Learned it in …
    Learned it in Spanish class

  11. Andrew Darby says:


  12. cayelle fitzgerald says:

    I have to learn …
    I have to learn this song in spanish

  13. BibiscOtt3 says:

    thumbs up if you’re …
    thumbs up if you’re learn this song in spainish class too ;)

  14. pnguinlvr97 says:


  15. Isaiah Moore says:

    I. See the hair …
    I. See the hair dryer

  16. cwdcolin says:

    Jk I’m American lol
    Jk I’m American lol

  17. cwdcolin says:

    Como es?
    Como es?

  18. SJPisahorse says:

    Depends how rowdy …
    Depends how rowdy she is. Anywhere from 1,000-1,300.
    I guess you could say she’s so hungry she could
    *Puts On Sunglasses*
    eat a horse.

  19. Devonreallysucks says:

    How many do you …
    How many do you have daily?

  20. SJPisahorse says:

    It is…like I said …
    It is…like I said, though, she calms down with a few apples and a sugar cube or two.

  21. Devonreallysucks says:

    you know her IRL, …
    you know her IRL, what’s it like? I bet it’s annoying hearing her nayyyyy all day.

  22. SJPisahorse says:

    Oh calm down. Do …
    Oh calm down. Do you need a sugar cube? I don’t know…that’s usually what I do for Sarah Jessica Parker.

  23. Devonreallysucks says:

    What does that …
    What does that have to do with anything, it’s offensive to horses.

  24. SJPisahorse says:

    @devonreallysucks I …
    @devonreallysucks I agree. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker is a horse.

  25. Devonreallysucks says:

    I say we all kill …
    I say we all kill devon, she sucks

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