The Amazing Canary Islands

It is perfect variant to visit Canary Islands at any time of the year, because you are sure to find what to do here at any season.

For the winter tourists who are searching for more opportunities on their beach holidays, there are numerous attractions from 15th century Spanish settlements, an amount of magnificent national parks plus a great variety of culture and art to please diverse tastes and interests. On Lanzarote the most celebrated resident, the artist Cesar Manrique, has gained his impression across the island together with his distinguishing style of painting, architecture and sculpture. The painter sorrowfully died in a car catastrophe in 1992 on Lanzarote but he has made his mark keeping his keen chase of sympathetic planning regulations causing a lack of high-rise island’s development. His work mirrors a passable kind of contemporary functional design and includes the stunning view at Mirador del Rio and the astonishing Jameos Del Agua, the cave system changed by Manrique to an auditorium and wonderful gardens and swimming pool. The outstanding acoustic estates of the auditorium see it providing some events comprising regular discos, concerts, and shows.

Gran Canaria is the bigger island in the group and thus has a more set urban bustle and city feel. An inexpensive fly to this island in the off-peak period should be reasonably priced enough to make it an appropriate destination for a days off city break.

The Canary Islands are set off the coast of western Africa, the archipelago consists of 7 islands and 6 islets and is divided into two provinces. At the east, the first one is called Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with 3 islands – Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and the islets. At the west is Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro which form the second province named Santa Cruz de Tenerife.The islands belong to Spain and although part of the European Union, avoid various European custom/duty charges. The Canaries enjoy hot sunny weather all year round, duty free prices and are home to some of the best beaches in Europe.

Pranav Jardine

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5 Responses to The Amazing Canary Islands

  1. Smartie says:

    Athens in December..things to do? Saronic Islands day cruise..good idea?
    Hi guys, I need some information about Athens in December. My husband and I would like to visit Greece for the first time in December from around 25th-29th December..I need some information on the following:

    1. Will the weather make it unbearable to sight-see and enjoy the beautiful place? I have heard lots of mixed opinions about this so just need some clarification!
    2. I will be spending 4 nights and 5 full days in Athens..where should i go for amazing sights, great food and wonderful nightlife?
    3. Has anyone been on th Saronic Islands day cruise from Athens, is it any good or worth it to go there?

    We travelled for the first time last year to Spain, Paris, London & Tenerife (Canary Islands) in December, traveling from sunny South Africa we were a bit hesitant as to the weather but we LOVED it! Canary Islands especially was amazing with Siam Water Park and Safari Park – beautiful atmosphere and amazing water fountain!

    I am really looking forward to this holiday to Greece but I’m so unsure as to what to expect..any information at all will be highly appreciated!

  2. Umur says:

    Who cares about athens? Visit Istanbul instead to make your dreams come true!
    References :

  3. CMV says:

    Dont bother with the cruise . go down to Pireaus and get on the ferry instead , you’ll see all the same sights at about a third of the price .
    References :
    I got conned into doing the cruise on my first visit to Athens .

  4. Louis says:

    1) Last year Christmas was sunny and very hot (for winter of course) usually the weather is warm on Christmas but it’s not certain!
    2) Sights… there are many museums (more than you can handle) You have to go to Akropolis and the new museum of akropolis I definatelly recommend to go to a Greek night club (trust me you’ll love it!!!) and if the weather is nice It’s an excellent idea to to Saronic islands (i suggest Hydra and/or Spetses)
    About food … Athens is a huge city you can find whatever you like depending on your taste and money. Definatelly try souvlaki/gyros
    3. Yes allthough it’s better on summer
    References :
    I live in Athens

  5. Ange Kenos, Civil Celebrant says:

    There is a man called Matt barrett who has his own website with many great ideas. But there is also some great advice from the person above me who lives in Athens. I am just a visitor who could easily live here
    References :

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