Things to Do on a European Luxury Holiday

A European luxury holiday is truly an experience nobody should miss. Europe and luxury are synonymous, and their adjectives are many: exquisite, magnificent, fine, graceful and elegant. A European luxury holiday would spoil any tourist. The charms of Italy and the elegance of France are sought by many a veteran traveller.

To make the most of your European holiday, experience all the charms that are Europe. Some of the best places in Europe, if you are seeking true luxury are Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Croatia and Cyprus. Of course, you should never miss travelling to Switzerland and indulge in their world famous chocolates.

If you are travelling to Spain, you are bound to figure out some way or the other to enjoy your day. Everything in Spain is colourful and fun. Participate in a local fiesta (festival) to get the real feel of el vivo de Español. Spanish food is also a very rich experience. Tapas are a unique assortment of food that comes with your drinks in cafes. They are also served as appetizers before a meal. These are of many kinds, ranging from olives and cheese to seafood.

Then, you should try to catch up with the Spanish art. Works of great masters like Picasso and Goya are displayed in the Miró Foundation in Barcelona. Also, if you are lucky enough, you might visit when there is a football match. You should not miss a football match – after all, Madrid has the top football team. No football match going on? Venture into a Bull fighting arena for this great classic Spanish spectacle. Also, beaches are numerous in Spain. Hire a motorbike and take a drive along one at night to experience what heaven is like. Spain is also great for just lazing around and people-watching. Simply order a coffee and sit outside one of the many cafes.

Travelling to Italy is another magical experience when on holiday in Europe – fine food, finer wine and the best places to see. You cannot visit Italy without calling in to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa or venturing to the Roman ruins. See the whole area – old, but still standing in its own magnificence. The coliseum still stands out, and tells tales of all the great gladiators it has seen.

The wines of Tuscany are especially good, and you should never leave Italy without sampling them. Any romantic escapade to Italy also demands a visit to Venice. Although the streets may be a bit crowded, the whole concept of floating through a city is so enchanting that you will simply be captivated.

Your next stop – France. The travelling mantra says you should visit the Eiffel Tower. Besides that, experience the fine art at the world famous art museum of Paris, Louvre. Also worth every effort of yours is the Notre Dame Cathedral. And, no one can visit France without sampling the fine light croissants and the special cuisine by the famous chefs.

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  1. Mizz G says:

    What do people do for gap year?
    My sister is 17 and will be graduating from high school next year (2011). Ultimately she wants to go to Norway to study at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) in an English language bachelor program called "International Environment and Development Studies", but only after taking off a year or two for a working holiday overseas, preferrably somewhere in continental Europe. When I studied abroad, I used to meet European "gap students"aged 18-19, so I figured that my sister is up for a "gappy" program. But we really don’t have much information on what that is, because it’s not a very common thing to do in our country.

    My sister’s study will mainly be about understanding how the environment, culture, trade and politics influence development; and learning how to find local and global solutions to injustice and poverty. She has big dreams of making good things happen in our country through human development, education, and business. Apart from that, she is also a performing arts enthusiast who plays great music and acts in amateur theatre productions on and off. She loves volunteering for community development projects in our country like teaching less fortunate kids, reforestation, integrated agroforestry, and mobile health services (where a crew of health professionals and volunteers drive a van of medical facilities to provide free health check ups and basic medicine to poor people in different areas of the province.

    The reason why she wants to take time off before university is because she is well aware that the education in our country is mostly just a bunch of formality, a checklist to tick off with no real encouragement to pursue the love of learning and fulfill potential in order to make our country a better place. Really good education is a luxury few have access to, and those who can afford it normally come from very rich families with extravagantly self-indulgent lifestyles, who shower their kids with branded items and discourage their kids from working. As a result, many high school graduates who were "well educated" become very self centered consumerists who know very little about the real world, lacking the discipline and maturity to cast a worthy vision and follow it through. My sister is determined that she will not become just another statistic, but that is very hard to break out of if that’s all you’ve known all your life. And so she decides to break the cycle by traveling abroad at a young age to get a job, support herself, gain basic life skills and develop the discipline to do it consistently, and just understand life a little bit better by experiencing how others in different parts of the world live theirs. She believes that a year off or two to pursue these goals will help her know herself better, appreciate her dreams and future studies, and develop the necessary disciplines to sustain her future pursuits that she otherwise would have never learnt in school, and especially not in our country.

    So, after all is said and done, we’d be grateful for the following information:

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    My sister and I are citizens of Indonesia (Southeast Asia). She speaks fluent English and is a fast learner of other languages too. Spent some of her childhood in the States, Australia, and The Netherlands; but will be graduating from an international curriculum secondary school in Jakarta.

    Thank you!

  2. beckytx says:

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