Things To See And Do In Spain

Spain has become one of the most popular vacation destinations, both for Europeans and people from other parts of the world. The reasons are clear: there are so many attractions in Spain, both in large cities and in small villages, that it is a perfect sightseeing destination.

The large cities of Spain draw a large tourist following. Typically Spanish attractions abound in these cities. In Barcelona, close to the French border, you can see the influence of the Romans, the French, the Carthaginians and the Moors in the architecture of the buildings of this city.

Madrid, the capital, is a lively city set right in the center of the country. Tourists flock to Madrid to see the famous museums and art collections. The Old Town is noted for great restaurants, good shopping and night life. In fact, if you crave exciting night life, Madrid has to be one of your destinations.

The center of the city of Madrid is called the Golden Triangle. Three world famous museums are all located in this area: the Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza and Reina Sofia. The Royal Palace is also a major tourist attraction, since even though it is still used for ceremonial purposes, the throne room and garden are open to tourists. If you are a bullfight fan, be sure to visit Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, one of the most famous bullfight rings in the world.

Seville is a lovely old city which is the capital of both the region of Andulusia and the province of Seville. The ancient fountains and plazas invite picture taking. In Seville, there is a royal palace and gardens that are also open for inspection, the Alcazar. The Torre del Oro tower, currently a maritime museum with many interesting exhibits to view, has an interesting history as a fortification built by the Moors to protect Seville from invasion.

Take a trip outside the cities and you will find there is still more to see and do. The Mediterranean is a very popular destination for sun seekers. Beautiful scenery, wonderful beaches and great weather coupled with lovely old towns to explore make the cost an ideal vacation spot. Visit Malaga on the Costa del Sol for a perfect example. This region has become very popular with golfers since the weather is ideal for golfing year round. There are so many golf resorts and golf courses that some call this region the Costa del Golf.

Another region along the sea is the Costa Blanca, which is noted for its beautiful beaches and temperate weather. Quiet towns such as Benidorm and Torreviejo attract a crowd looking to unwind in the sun. The town of Torreviejo is known for its salt production, and some swear by the salt baths as a cure for some skin conditions as well as arthritis.

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3 Responses to Things To See And Do In Spain

  1. Jboy says:

    Things that represent the country of Spain?
    I have a project to do and one of things is to find things of spain and what the symbolize? PLEASE HELP. Please give websites too – need to cite sources

  2. sam says:

    Bull fights, matadors, painters like salvidor dali, christopher columbus.
    those are just a few, spain is a pretty easy country to do a project on.
    References :

  3. krystaofgale says:

    Bullfighting, flamenco, paella, mosques (from when the moors occupied parts of spain), the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Tapas (appetizers essentially, but they eat them as the whole meal instead of as just an appetizers). Just google different things with spain as the first word, and you’ll find more information then you could ever want. I’ve included one below for you which should help you get started.

    Good luck!
    References :

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