Tom Hanks en Univision “Despierta America”: Hanks does the weather

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Tom Hanks doing the weather segment on Univision’s “Despierta America” with co-host Chiquinquira Delgado on 6/21/2011. Tom was on the Spanish language show to promote his new movie “Larry Crowne” to the Hispanic market in the US.

Larry Crowne is in theaters July 1, 2011

Duration : 0:3:5

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25 Responses to Tom Hanks en Univision “Despierta America”: Hanks does the weather

  1. arivas713 says:

    Don’t be afraid …
    Don’t be afraid youtubers, curvaceousness is normal for Latinas. Why do you think we have like 8 kids per family? now you know.

  2. futuremoss says:

    We got some white …
    We got some white people hating on us. I least our women got and know how to dance..can’t say about then crackers without rhythm lol at least tom banks is down with us

  3. HRealisticDreamsH says:

    is that a real …
    is that a real ?!!!! @()@

  4. Cybercock33 says:

    Y cuando van a …
    Y cuando van a sacar al gordo petardo ese de Raul??? solo falta que lo saquen a el para tener todo un nuevo equipo en despierta…pa fuera!

  5. Nightmareb4Chrimbo says:

    Tom Hanks is such a …
    Tom Hanks is such a good sport – he was great on the Jonathan Ross show too.

  6. TheChrisBarrows says:

    I don’t think no …
    I don’t think no one was looking at Tom Hanks…..

  7. paolaivi says:

    Lo vi y me encanto …
    Lo vi y me encanto!!! Tom es Grande!!!

  8. Crawler051 says:

    The name of the …
    The name of the girl is Chiquinquira Delgado. One of the many beautiful women we have here in Venezuela :D

  9. calddany612 says:

    Exactly, great …
    Exactly, great that you stood up to that person. Apparently people forget that many in Latin America including Mexico and Puerto Rico are descendants of Spaniards. But what makes us special is the mixes of other races such as African and Indigenous that makes our culture so beautiful. Viva Latinos!

  10. leo63095 says:

    I love being latino …
    I love being latino because of the beautiful women and im hoping that thats a real ass

  11. marixsa1995rocks says:

    Well at least he gt …
    Well at least he gt tha dicesy to go to a sphanish show n try his best to have fun so gud fo him i give him 5 thumbs up fo tht

  12. AC1DS74R says:

    lol, wow,  looks …
    lol, wow,  looks like you need to learn english yourself you uneducated faggot

  13. MrHotshott101 says:

    trust me its real …
    trust me its real thats y i need a latin chic

  14. Linava09 says:

    I know fake …
    I know fake buttocks when I sees them

  15. Linava09 says:

    Damn that was a …
    that was a sexy ass!! Oh and that girl wasnt that bad herself lol

  16. linkinpain says:

    i cant argue with …
    i cant argue with you on that one, the sad thing is i’m Latino.

  17. clintond89 says:

    Press ’5′ for DAT …
    Press ’5′ for DAT ASS

  18. TGSHokuto says:

    Those ladies are …
    Those ladies are beautiful

  19. MrDufau7 says:

    this is better than …
    this is better than english channels. you guys watch naked dudes huggin. plus you wont catch me waisting my time looking up the worlds dumbest rednecks. or some hillbilly a horse or some thing

  20. ifranko100 says:

    fuck yall crackers
    yall crackers

  21. Gman98kg says:

    watch the last 15 …
    watch the last 15 seconds.

  22. ThePooppantsman says:

    wow go beaners. wtf …
    wow go beaners. wtf is this a sumb with a hot ass. There like look its 76 in LA go day to cross a river.

  23. MisterZam says:

    damn yo what an ass
    yo what an ass

  24. jurryaanyy says:

    Now that’s what I …
    Now that’s what I call hot weather.

  25. thebayareapimp says:

    Fucking stupid …
    stupid beaners… Duke nukem “kill them all”

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