World Food Markets Spain

Join award-winning cookbook author Paulette Mitchell on a tour of a food market in Barcelona, Spain to explore Spanish culture and food in this clip from “World Food Markets: Spain” from Learning ZoneXpress.

Duration : 0:4:43

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8 Responses to World Food Markets Spain

  1. Dave Patriot says:

    really? so why we …
    really? so why we dont have the same dishes? maybe you meant that some dishes are common, like in some desserts, but most not. Spanish food is much more like italian, greek or french, pure mediterranean.

  2. SMRfilms30000 says:

    that’s it im moving …
    that’s it im moving to barcelona

  3. captnkid100 says:

    pontevedra spain …
    pontevedra spain has the best fish market in the world

  4. GregLA818 says:


  5. DixieRulez says:

    Yes i agree ,the …
    Yes i agree ,the whole ambiance and feel of Spain reminds me very much of Middle Eastern or North African country than that of other European countries.

  6. acasgran says:

    yeees we are …
    yeees we are cousins. spanish people with arab blood!

  7. ProudConfederateMan says:

    Spain’s food is all …
    Spain’s food is all Moorish in origin!

  8. AmethystKitsune says:

    yay 1st comment!
    yay 1st comment!

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